About me

Writer by love, traveler by experience, still amateur photographer and constant explorer of book selves for little paper treasurer.

I started this blog just to practice myself in a more routine type blogging. It turned out that I came to love it even more.

“Grec on Trek”. 
Second name that came up my mind, after the first encounter during a sunny but boring Friday, after I had handed in my dissertation for my MSc, and I was trying to find a proper title. The next airplane took me back to my country where I had to find out how my life will unfold. It seemed to me that most of the time I had written stories and thoughts that may never get to chance to be read from other people. Like writing inside a cave, like people of the past, in their effort to communicate and connect.

People like you, who ended in my personal blog may wonder what it is that I write. To be brief, I often submit my inner thoughts through digital writing and images. You may find stories, short articles about a theme as well as personal projects (30 to Dirty etc).

My life has surely changed since I got my MSc and I added myself to the scientific community (somebody might laugh in the corner, but whatever). Moreover, it is not always easy to document your life in a language that is not your first, but… who cares?

A Grec (greek in French) on trek (trip, non stop wandering).

That is me, now, continue to my work and let it be.

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