Simple steps to save money for your next trip (Survival manual)

SDuring the previous weeks, in many discussions I had with friends and family, the subject of how it is possible to make that trip you ever wanted comes up. To be part of your own memories and not only in postcards or digital photographs, a “gift” sent from someone bolder. Now, the only thing needed is to organize oneself!

Many friends of mine have mentioned that the most common problem has two dimensions: when somebody has money, doesn’t have company (because it is not always for anybody to travel solo) or when there is company, there is no money to spend.

If you find yourself in the second category (in the first one, you only need a push to move forward and do it), I would recommend some way to save and create a budget to escape (since you may have your team of co-travelers ready.) The meaning of saving an amount of money doesn’t come natural to the human mind. But when there is a far-reaching and, at the same time, medium-term goal, more motivation is given!

Organize your finances

Take a look at your bank account status and the costs of the week. Knowing all, you can organize a better plan! You can easily begin to record your daily expenses to get a picture of your consumer habits, either in writing or even in applications on your mobile (on a normal level, you will not become another Scrooge)! Soon you will see changes in the way you manage them.

Start putting aside

After having assessed the situation, start to evaluate how much you can spend from the money you have. From a constant income, one may send an amount that can gradually increase according to the conditions and circumstances that suits him/her most. Changes are not made abruptly but in small steps, since saving money needs a system. You can even open a savings account and add some money into it automatically!

Cut off some of your habits (start from bad ones)

It can be part of your routine, a practice that suits you and you do not want or are not able to stop. For some it can be a pack of cigarettes a day, for others a coffee from the shop instead of preparing at home or at work, other a visit to the bakery on the way to work. You start restraining them. If you count the money that will be put aside each month, you will be surprised with the amount you can easily save!

Cut from the entertainment

Call friends at home (if available) for coffee, organize themed nights, visit places where there is, or may be, a specific time period, free admission, and look for other free activities in the city. Certainly there are several choices without costing much! I’m not telling you to stop visiting the city bar and clubs completely, but you have the chance to reduce the frequency being there. It will surely be a pleasant change for you and your company!

Start cooking more at home

Avoid as much as you can eating fast food. In addition to the improvement you will see in your health, the big change will also appear in your wallet. Are concerned that your culinary skills may be limited? There is always room for improvement! You will also gain an extra skill and, why not, discover a hidden talent! It is also a good thing to prepare more food so that it is left to take it with you at work. This will limit your frequent morning visits to your bakery in the neighborhood!

Limit your shopping routine

I have it as a rule for myself: whenever I go shopping in the supermarket, I have a list written on my Smartphone. So that I won’t drift into buying something unnecessary. Even seasonal discounts are an opportunity when you want to make some purchases. The same shirt you found in a few months will be at half price, be a little patient. And of course you always choose based on what you need! This applies both to clothes, shoes and electronics. I mention this, ‘cause I’ve caught myself being several times in this category.

Use a piggy bank

Remember that piggy bank that had get you as a gift on your birthday and now it only has dust on it? If not, make a gift to yourself and start feeding it. Whatever you want. Some prefer coins and others with deeper pockets also throw banknotes. When you are forced to break him, better have a bag ready, so to not miss what you have collected and you can smile with your harvest!

At the end of every “journey”, after all those sacrifices you will have made for your next trip, you will realize how much it’s worth it. Those ways may look simple but for many seem more difficult to implement in real life. Moreover, to make it part of their life as a simple daily habit. Needless to say, it only needs a plan and persistence to follow it carefully in order to succeed. What did we say about that trip to Barcelona? Swamp forth!

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