Why travel by train might be the best option

Remember those old movies where passengers used to step into wagons with a black carriage at the front? With the pipe smoking as the engines were working non stop?

Well, those days have passed and many things have changed. Technology could be held responsible for that.

Today’s trains have acquired modern and more appealing design, faster engines and a way different facilities. Moreover, they have many things to offer to any traveler that may choose this mean of transportation. Especially for backpackers.


As a keen traveler, I had the chance to travel by train in different countries and I could say for sure: trains could be way better than buses and any other mean of transporation. Of course, traveling by airplane for long distances is the most ideal way when you want to save time, but riding the rails is the most stylish and unique way to enjoy different  and sometimes, memorable sceneries.

More space for me, comfort for body and mind

Being a tall person, in comparison with the medium height in my country, could be a pain in the ass sometimes when I might attempt sometimes to stretch my legs. The space that a train could offer compared with those in airplanes or buses is like no other. At least I could put my headphones on and read a book with no worries.

Lower costs are considered the most

It may not be a great idea if you want to move fast from one corner of the world to the other like by airplanes, but train could be a great option for travel within the borders of a country or closer ones since it could cost less, especially for short distance trips. No need to book 3 months both to get the best price. Or someone else could point out the stable fares that most train lines have. That could be both an advantage and disadvantage in some occasions. But, last minute tickets would be always appreciated.


Food for the eyes, great imagination arises

Driving on the road could offer various images but there is no hidden magic as the one that is revealing steadily as you move by train through a forest, rivers and mountainous areas where four-wheels could not reach or are may even be prohibited. Colorful sites, exclusively shown only to those who decide to hop in for a ride, could fresh their imagination and relax their mind.  This incredible diversity and the stark contrasts never failed to amaze.

Charm as it rolls, at each journey a new world unfolds

Many movies have based their plots inside a moving train, especially romantic ones. There is a unique charm and kind of nostalgia about riding the rails. Scenes of unapproachable places passing by the eyes of many passengers, those ones with another different story that could be shared with someone lucky.  One great movie that has been based on the idea of strangers meeting on a train, connecting through their stories and background along with the charming effect that train has was “Before sunrise“.


Book your next trip by train, for a common, known route. And be ready for that sensation of unexpected, the feeling you might get as those images will pass by your eyes accelerated, in the same position but way different than before. Soon you will realize, that travel by any other mean of transport has much more to envy from train.

So, what are you waiting for?


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